The easiest way to equip your meeting room with the best all in one video conferencing equipment.

Unique bundle for a unique experience

klood Pack Visio™ enables small, medium and large organizations to easily deploy a turnkey video conferencing equipment including room system and cloud infrastructure.

dVideo conferencing equipment

dVideo conferencing equipment

Fast deployment

Install in a few seconds a complete solution of videoconferencing to equip your box, office or meeting room.

Universal solution

Collaborate instantly and easily with all of your contacts without worrying about the environment interoperability.

As a Service Offer

Always get the latest versions of the solution : automatic and continuous updating of the cloud infrastructure (optimization + new features).

Video conferencing equipment
Video conferencing equipment

Benefit from a unique partner for all of the services:

video conferencing equipment + cloud infrastructure + support

Video conferencing equipment

Choose the right pack

Discover the several packs klood Pack Visio™. Each package is made up of a Sony® display, an Erard® support, a Polycom® terminal or Yamaha® according to the size of the room you want to equip: office, box, little and big rooms.

video conferencing equipment


The Polycom® RealPresence® Group 310 will enable you to equip small spaces (office, box and meeting room) with high quality : easy to intall and easy to use.


The Polycom® RealPresence® Group 500 will allow you to equip larger collaboration spaces and benefit from shared image and content quality.


Equip your huddle room with best-in-class audio, video, and screen-sharing capabilities with this all-in-one video conferencing system : Yamaha CS-700.

The simpliest way to collaborate

Communicate with all yours contacts through multi-points and instant conferences without worrying about environment interoperability

Video conferencing equipment

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