Turnkey solution to simplify all your communications and manage your workspaces.

We respond to the new uses of your teams
with our secure and interoperable solutions.

Revolution at work

In a world where technological and humain revolutions impact every company on a daily basis, klood solutions allow you to simply deploy videoconferencing.

Technological revolution

Development of cloud computing and emergence of unified communication offers in Saas mode.

A new vision of work

Nowadays, work is nomadic. More and more employees work at home or in coworking spaces.

Democratization of videoconferencing

Videoconferencing becomes affordable for everyone. It is a reliable, secure and flexible tool with ease of use.

Growth of connected objects

Connected objects are part of our daily lives. Companies are adapting by integrating IoT into the work environment.

klood solutions

Two solutions to meet the new needs of companies.

Offer your users a simple and universal collaboration application to communicate remotely.

One-click meeting organization

Simplified remote communication

Adaptable to its environment

Interoperable solution

Simplify your users’ daily work with a flexible, people-centric workspace management solution.

Automation of the administrative procedures

Optimization of workspaces

Optimal user experience

Workspaces management

Dedicated solution for coworking :

SaaS Solution



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