Universal video conferencing solutions.


Meet your collaborators’ uses and needs by making professional collaboration as simple as a phone call


Use, interoperability and simplicity.

New collaborative issues

klood solutions enable companies to meet their employees’ new expectations


In a world without barriers, we must be able to work from everywhere at anytime.


The real revolution is a Human revolution. By 2020, the Millennials will account for more than 50% of the global working force. The come with news ideas, new behaviors and new uses.

Business Model

Subscription business model: people don’t want to own a product or a service, they just want to have an unlimited access to it at anytime and from everywhere.

Professionnal collaboration without barriers

Multi-points conferences, instant audio and video communications with all your contacts from any device in any place at any time through any network.

klood solutions

The universal video conferencing app klood App™ and the bundle, app + equipment, klood Meeting™

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no investment / subscription model


continuous update, upgrade and optimization


easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to use


increase team productivity and cost efficiency


brand image and added value services for the customer


single partner for all the services

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